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Cassie Popham

Cassie Popham

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Wimbledon Driving School can offer you lessons with a female instructor if that is your preference. For some pupils having a female instructor is preferable. A female instructor is seen as being more likely to explain things in greater depth and not just assume that you understand things. Also there is a perception that female instructors are likely to be more sympathetic and less likely to get annoyed at driving mistakes. Whether this is true generally or not Wimbledon Driving School have the female instructors to improve your driving in a calm and stress free environment. Cassie Popham found a very relaxed environment with her instructor Lesley Mills and we are sure Cassie would credit the easy atmosphere on lessons as being instrumental in her passing her test first time at Morden Driving Test Centre on Monday 23rd September. Best wishes Cassie and enjoy your license.

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