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Driving Instructor in Kingston helps Holly Masterson get her license

Driving instructor in Kingston helps Holly

Driving Instructor in Kingston helps Holly Masterson get her license

To be the best driving instructor in Kingston requires the best training. Wimbledon Driving School’s professional instructors aim high when it comes to delivering value and quality. Many are trained in-house by instructors with the highest industry qualifications and all try to keep abreast of the latest developments in the driver training industry. Our Senior instructor comes from a background where he is more than equipped not just to produce instructors who have the best technical qualities but also instructors who understand how to run a successful driver training business. Our Senior instructor spent four years at business school and has a BA (Hons) in Business Studies which when added to the seven years he has spent running one of the most successful independent driving schools in South West London means that he has something of a winning formula when it comes to managing a high performing driving school. In the years he has been in the driver training industry besides building a very successful business he has equipped himself with skills that ensure the instructors trained by Wimbledon Driving School have the edge over their rivals when it comes to their technical skills. WDS is an ORDIT approved training school and the Senior instructor is grade 6 (the highest instructional grade which only 6% of UK ADI’s have) he also has the best driving qualifications. He has passed his advanced test with the Institute of Advanced Motorists with all 1’s in every category (the highest scores which make him an IAM F1RST). The ROSPA Advanced test can be passed at either Bronze, Silver or Gold; he is ROSPA Gold (regarded as the highest standard driving test a civilian in the UK can take). He has also passed a DIAmond Special Test which is a test allowing only two driving faults in ninety minutes marked to the most exacting of standards. Wimbledon Diving School also constantly strives to remain at the forefront of any changes within the industry and are members of the MSA and DIA (two of the professional associations representing the driver training industry). It is this quality control being behind all of our lessons that helps make WDS the success story that it is today. So when Holly Masterson rang up requiring a driving instructor in Kingston she could have full faith that the instructor she was sent would have all the skills and more to get her the full drivers license.

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