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Edwin Coox

Edwin Coox

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One of Wimbledon Driving School‘s favourite places to teach is Barnes. Barnes has wide quiet roads and understanding motorists. This combines to produce almost the perfect learning environment for a novice driver. It is possible to learn without feeling harassed or persecuted as you may feel in other parts of London. It is also a great place to develop confidence when moving on from the nursery routes into the main roads. Lonsdale Road (although a potentially difficult main road) presents the perfect place to evolve as a driver when competence on the quiet side streets off Washington Road has been achieved. It is a fairly long straight stretch which will enable the learner to get through the gears but due to the low traffic volume it is possible to get accustomed to gears three and four without too much pressure from other road users. Edwin Coox who is from the area clearly felt the benefits of learning his skills in a tolerant and calm environment as he passed his driving test at Morden Test Centre on Wednesday 2nd October with the assistance of WDS instructor Telmo Martins.

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