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Ekaterina Udzhakova

Ekaterina Udzhakova

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Wimbledon Driving School have the right instructor for you. Ekaterina Udzhakova passed her driving test at Morden Test Centre on Thursday 17th October and a significant reason why she was able to achieve this when many other people fail was the fact that she had the right level of support and tuition from her talented female instructor Larissa Godden. What makes the Wimbledon Driving School approach different to many other driving schools is the fact that we do not push courses over the telephone, thereby ensuring that you find the right instructor for you. Many driving schools have receptionists answering their phones who are qualified in clerical work but not expert in driving instruction and yet when asked how many lessons it might take for an individual to clear a UK test they will venture an opinion. By selling these packages they ensure earnings for their driving school over a matter of weeks or months but what it can mean to a client is that they are committed to an instructor or organisation that they are unhappy with.  At WDS the main receptionist is our senior instructor. He is a grade six (highest DSA teaching grade) instructor. He is also an IAM F1RST: that means he has passed the Institute of Advanced Motorists driving exam with ones in all the categories (the highest scores), he is also a holder of the prestigious ROSPA Gold driving award (regarded as the highest achievement in civilian driving) and he has passed a DIAmond Special Test: a two fault drive over ninety minutes to the most exacting of standards. These qualifications make him one of the most qualified instructors in South London yet when he is asked how many lessons someone might need he suggests that it is best to book in for a one hour £10 assessment lesson and then we can venture our opinion on the basis of what a professional instructor has seen rather than using a telephone conversation to judge. The assessment lesson also gives you the chance to see whether the instructors teaching methods suit and if it is something you want to continue with. With WDS if you found the instructors teaching did not work for you then you would have just paid out £10 and had a very cheap driving lesson. There is no further commitment on your part. But with a review score of 4.9/5 from 134 reviews on www.reviewcentre.com and more engagement and feedback than any other local driving school on Facebook we feel confident that between the instructors we have on our books we have something for everyone.

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