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Ewerton Mendonca

Ewerton Mendonca

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Wimbledon Driving School have understanding instructors who know how to get the best out of you! Ewerton Mendonca passed his test at Mitcham Test Centre having been trained by Lesley Mills who knows that sometimes no matter how much you as a trainer want to see your pupil follow the model of driving that you are trying to teach them it is also worth giving them some space to find their feet at their own pace. Ewerton cleared his test on Wednesday 9th October and he knew when he was out practising with Lesley that her mode of teaching involved encouragement and meeting a small amount of given learning objectives per lesson so the task that was set for that session was achievable and rewarding. Ewerton would not have enjoyed his lessons so much if he had been asked to deal with the totality of driving in every lesson. Yet what made Lesley’s learning plan so effective was that in approaching Ewerton’s test when he was becoming independent with skills and confident with what he was doing Lesley changed tack and her approach became holistic. At this stage Ewerton realised exactly not just how to drive but the demands of the system the DSA wished to examine him on. Needless to say the first rate preparation served him very well and Ewerton is now a new member of the driving community in Mitcham where he lives.

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