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Five Star driving instructor in Battersea

Driving instructor in Battersea

Five Star driving instructor in Battersea

Well done to Jerry Elkington who passed his driving test on Monday 17th March at Morden Driving Test Center. He benefited from the experience and expertise of his driving instructor in Battersea Szabi Peimli. Jerry found the service that Szabi was able to give him to be “outstanding” and has posted the following five star review on www.yell.com:

“I took driving lessons for six months and managed to pass on my first time. Had a fantastic instructor in Szabi Peimli, i cant thank him enough. I highly recommend Wimbledon driving school and Szabi Peimli himself.”

To pass first time takes a structured approach and a five star instructor to deliver this level of tuition. Szabi used a driver record when teaching Jerry and made sure that Jerry had achieved a level of independence in the main competencies before Jerry took his test. Doing things in this way creates a consensual approach to learning since both instructor and pupil need to agree on levels of achievement before competencies are signed off. It also means the learning process is strategic and that everything is covered thoroughly and every subject is given the necessary attention to produce a favourable outcome on test day. In this way when Monday 17th March came around Jerry knew exactly what was involved in taking and passing his test and was able to get the result he was after.

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