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Gemma Abah

Gemma Abah

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Wimbledon Driving School know the routes around your local test center and can leverage that knowledge to produce safe drivers and full license holders. Gemma Abah is from Morden and so had some familiarity with the area. But even a local is not to know all the tricky roads like Canterbury Road that the examiners use. That is where our instructors like Mr Farooq come in. With Mr Farooq’s calm teaching methods and great knowledge and expertise he is able to get the right result for his pupils. Gemma passed her test at her local center in Morden on Friday 13th September. She would be the first to admit that Mr Farooq did not only know a lot about road safety and the latest teaching methods but also had a very good grasp of the test format and was able to communicate where the examiners go and what they do.

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