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Hiba Yassine

Hiba Yassine

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Hiba Yassine found the 30 years experience of her driving instructor in Clapham Frank Inkin invaluable to passing her test. She got her license on Friday 6th September at Morden Test Centre. Franks expertise when it comes to driving has developed over the years to where he now has almost a sixth sense about where and when a pupil will make a fault and therefore he is able to correct those faults a good bit quicker than other instructors and prevent mistakes becoming part of his learners established habits and routines. Moreover thirty years of local experience means he knows all the best places in Clapham and the surrounding areas to teach the driving syllabus and when it comes to preparing for the test Frank knows the tricky junctions and turnings in Morden that can catch many people out.  If you too would like to benefit from Franks vast experience please give us a ring . We will be happy to help.

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