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Julian Glitsch

Julian Glitsch

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To stay calm and collected as a driving instructor is not always easy but it is the instructors who can foster a relaxed learning environment who achieve the greatest success with their pupils. Lizzie Foldesi from Wimbledon Driving School taught Julian Glitsch from Putney how to drive and was not just professional but maintained an approach designed to soothe and not add further tension to what is a totally new and sometimes perplexing experience for a novice driver. When you are out on the road the situation is unlike a computer game it is very real and the hazards and dangers that a learner driver can bring to navigating tight and busy streets in the capital should not be underestimated. Slow reactions from a learner can make a gap which would be viable to other drivers no gap whatsoever. Forward planning is also less developed than it would be with an experienced driver and with the myriad moving and constant threats in congested London lessons can be stressful to both instructor and pupil. It is these pressures which sometimes can get to instructors. However Wimbledon Driving School are aware that no matter the problems this is the job we love and shouting or becoming stressed does little to remedy the situation and may in fact make matters worse. That is why our instructors like Lizzie use soft skills to reassure and motivate our pupils and it does produce results. Lizzie worked with Julian and with his talent for driving and her inspirational coaching he passed on Wednesday 9th October at Morden Driving Test Center.

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