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Pamela Lawino

Pamela Lawino

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Pamela Lawino did not need to go far to take her driving test. Pamela who is from Morden was able to take her exam at her local center also in Morden and so was maybe more familiar with some of the roads than other candidates but she still needed to be  an accomplished driver like everyone else and Wimbledon Driving School ensured that was the case. Although knowing the area can help the test is a test of your driving ability rather than your knowledge of a specific area so an examiner will make it clear whether the third exit on a roundabout is ahead or right they simply expect you to act on the information you are given according to the knowledge of driving you have built up in the past. Pamela’s instructor Lesley Mills had used the DSA suggested driver record system to ensure all of the assessed areas of competence were covered to a stage where the pupil can drive independently. This translated into a test pass as Pamela knew both what she would be tested on and she also knew that she had demonstrated the required standard in her lessons and so other than being a nervy experience that you would not want to repeat very often Pamela was confident she could be successful and she was successful. Pamela passed her test on Friday 11th October. Well done Pamela and thanks for being such a great student.

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