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Rebecca Lawrence

Rebecca Lawrence

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In spite of a driving test being one of the things people dread Rebecca Lawrence from Clapham Junction found that her test on Friday 13th September (of all days) held no such fears for her. Her preparation with the Wimbledon Driving School and in particular her instructor Telmo Martins meant that she knew exactly the format and marking criteria of the exam and so she was calm in the knowledge that all that could have been done to achieve a pass had been done. Telmo as well as explaining that the distinction between ordinary driving faults and serious or dangerous faults was often to do with the context in which the fault occurred had also briefed her on the order of things on test day. So Rebecca knew that the first step would be the checking of her provisional license and her eyesight before her driving was assessed. She was aware that she would be pulled over several times so the examiner could see that she would be able to select a safe, legal and convenient place to pull over and also judge an adequate gap in the traffic when pulling back out. She was aware that she would be asked to perform a manoeuvre and might also need to do an emergency stop as well as drive independently for a section of the test. In Rebecca’s case forewarned was definitely forearmed and she passed without issue on a date supposedly unlucky for some.

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