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Rita Oliveira

Rita Oliveira

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Congratulations to Rita Oliveira who studied driving under the tutelage of Telmo Martins, her driving instructor in Putney. Rita passed her test on Friday 4th October at the Morden Test Centre. Rita found the teaching Telmo was able to impart to be informative and educational but moreover she always found it fun and engaging. Telmo loves driving. The one thing he really likes to do is go out and get in his car and drive. He loves to get his favoured road position, judge a safe road speed and make his calculations of how possible variables may come together so that he can anticipate changes in other road users behaviour and therefore use defensive driving techniques to mitigate for any errors on their behalf. His enthusiasm for driving is infectious and is something readily transmitted to his pupils. We do not doubt that when Rita passed her test she walked away without just a better understanding of the road but a real lifelong love of driving like her former instructor.

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