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Sushmita Chatterjee

Sushmita Chatterjee

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Automatic driving lessons in Morden were very useful to Sushmita Chatterjee in her quest to get her drivers license. Sushmita passed her test at her local test centre in Morden on Thursday 12th September. Sushmita wanted driving lessons from someone who used all the latest client centred learning techniques as she felt this approach to be a very positive and calm approach to learning. She was fearful of having a very aggressive instructor barking orders at her and found her instructor Vasanth’s client centred approach very refreshing. As well as being very patient and nice he involved her at every stage in decisions about how and what would be learned.  He would ask her for feedback on how she felt she was doing, what she felt she could improve or areas that she had done well. This consensual  style  encouraged greater communication and involvement from Sushmita in the learning process and helped reduce the chances of either her or Vasanth misunderstanding each other. In any case it worked and Sushmita is now the proud holder of a full UK drivers license.



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