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Testimonial About Lizzy

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Testimonial About Lizzy

To Whom This May Concern,

I was just writing to say what a great driving instructor Lizzy is. I was luckily enough to pass first time, but i wouldn’t have been able to do it with out Lizzy’s great instruction.

Lizzy was always so positive towards my negativity and i soon became to believe in myself the way Lizzy did, which had a huge impact on me passing my test. Lizzy straight away picked up on some of my bad habits that i’d picked up from a previous instructor, and soon sorted them out with her being so persistent with me.

Lizzy was always flexible with booking my lessons, fitting it around my life, even being as busy as she was.

I was just writing to say what a great driving instructor Lizzy is.

I felt i could tell Lizzy any problems i was having or difficulties with some of the stuff, and they would soon be sorted out,

I felt like the lessons we had together were structured on my driving and not on anyone else’s, which was great. i would recommend Lizzy to everyone, not only a lovely women but someone that is great and so committed to being excellent at her job!!

Thank you Lizzy!


Grace Young


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