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Wimbledon Driving School gets the job done

Wimbledon Driving School get the job done

Wimbledon Driving School gets the job done

Wimbledon Driving School know how to get the job done and can accommodate most people’s preferences. Hemlata passed her driving test in an automatic car and that is the thing: Wimbledon Driving School is all about choice. If you wish to learn in an automatic car we can do that for you.  Similarly if you prefer a female instructor or even an instructor from a certain part of the world there is a likelihood that with our large and varied team we have just the instructor you require. With our clientele coming from multicultural and heterogeneous London it is a good asset to have a varied instructing team and it is something we are proud of and feel it gives us an edge over other schools. WDS currently has Polish, Hugarian, Nigerian, Sri Lankan, Jamaican, Russian, Indian, Somali, Pakistani and of course English instructors too. It is important to us that you feel comfortable and if it is easier to learn with an instructor from back home that works for us as well. Similarly having different course options means that we can help the diverse people who ring us up each with a different motivation. For some they are keen to improve their skills even though they are already drivers and they elect to do Refresher lessons, IAM or ROSPA advanced courses. Yet others are new drivers keen to increase their experience and develop their level of skill. For them a Pass Plus is a fantastic option. Pass Plus introduces in a structured way areas of driving (such as tackling motorways) that would not have been dealt with on the learner driver syllabus. If you want to learn in an automatic car this can be a great option too and can afford the freedom provided by being a driver without the hassle of dealing with (what can be for some) an irksome clutch pedal. With an automatic license the roads are yours to explore. Wimbledon Driving School congratulate Hemlata on her successful pass in an automatic car.

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