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www.wimbledondrivingschool.com proved a good choice for Valerie

www.wimbledondrivingschool.com helped Valerie Wan Hok Chee get her license

www.wimbledondrivingschool.com proved a good choice for Valerie

www.wimbledondrivingschool.com proved a wise choice for Valerie Wan Hok Chee. She had attempted learning with other schools in the past but there style of teaching had not seen her reap the results she needed. With our female driving instructor Larissa Godden the approach was more client-centred than instructor-led.  What this meant was that Valerie understood why we did things in specific ways and was not just told to act in a certain way because this was how things were done. She was treated as a responsible person where risks were evaluated and responsibilities for tasks were gradually transferred to Valerie as her skill level grew. This was an advantage she gained through being coached by a driving school that is a member of the leading industry bodies and is therefore current with the latest coaching techniques. Valerie was both relieved and ecstatic after the test and said the following about Larissa’s modern coaching techniques:

“After two failed attempts in 2006, I finally passed my driving test this morning with 3 minors! I am so glad that I went with WDS this time and feel lucky to have been taught by this instructor. She is pretty strict and demanding, but in my view this is a very good thing as I had previous instructors from other driving schools in 2006 who kept telling me how great I was, yet I failed badly twice. What I liked most about her teaching was that she treated me like an adult and had the patience to explain the logic of why certain rules and checks such as blind spots are important and puts them into context “think about if a child ran out of that driveway behind you…”. She has not only helped me pass my driving test but has taught me to become a safe responsible driver. Importantly, she is also good fun and cheeky and made the driving lessons enjoyable! Thanks again – I will miss our chats!”

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