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Zeljko Sipka

Zeljko Sipka

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What makes a good driving instructor? Is it a good pass rate? Is it getting plenty of referrals and word-of-mouth or is it having a high teaching grade?  Wimbledon Driving School’s instructor Ron Hall is a great instructor!  Just ask Zeljko Sipka who passed his test on Friday 18th October at Morden Test Centre having had the benefit of Ron’s engaging coaching and always progressive advice. Pass rate is of course important but there are plenty of instructors who dump pupils who are a problem and so it is hard to compare the capabilities of an instructor who tries to deal with everybody who comes to them with an instructor whose pride in their pass rate precludes them from trying to work with pupils who they regard as “toxic” students likely to affect their pass rate.  Ron’s pass rate is of the very highest order but he also deals with everyone who comes to him. This is one of the signs of somebody a little bit special. Getting referrals and good word-of-mouth is obviously essential for any successful instructor but sometimes people may be popular because they are popular people and have an attractive personality rather than by virtue of being capable of transformative instruction. Ron is one of those gifted with many attributes and he can turn around someones driving three hundred and sixty degrees but can also foster a friendly and calm environment in which even the most nervous pupil can flourish.  In terms of teaching grade;   that is a snapshot of an instructors performance for one hour every few years. Yes a top instructor should be capable of reaching the heights of instruction that get you the very best grades but some instructors are less good in the pressure cooker atmosphere of an exam and do not do themselves justice with their performance. Conversely there are instructors with the top teaching grades and because they feel they have “arrived” or because they have been in the job a long time they become complacent,  they lose their drive and enthusiasm and instructing becomes just a job. Ron has one of the best teaching grades but he is still consumed by the thought of getting people through their test so he can see that in his own way he is contributing and making people like Zeljko Sipka happy. It is this combination of characteristics that mark out the very best and in our humble opinion Ron is amongst the best practicing in the industry today.

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