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We have driving instructors in Earlsfield that can help you learn to drive in either an automatic or manual car.

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Learning to drive is a key life skill and one that should not be taken lightly. The key to becoming a safe and accomplished driver is choosing the right school and instructor.

At Wimbledon Driving School we know that each person is different, and we have the experience and knowledge to cater to your particular needs.

Our highly qualified instructors will tailor each lesson plan, to match you as an individual and not a “number”. It’s this approach that has seen.

Wimbledon Driving School grow into the leading driving school in London.

Looking for Driving Lessons Earlsfield?

We understand that each person is different and what may suit one student may not be the best path for another. Some learn best during a more intensive, fast tracked approach, whereas others feel they do best undergoing a more paced and longer period of tuition.

It goes without saying that every student will be looking to maximise the value for money of any instruction and get that pass with a minimum outlay.

Wimbledon Driving School prides itself on being able to match the right sort of tuition to the right student. Our instructors have the experience and qualifications to ensure that whichever path you take, your chances of passing are maximised and your money is well spent.

This is why our pass rates are so high and why we are the driving school of choice in South London.

Learn from local Earlsfield Instructors

Because our instructors are local to you they all know the best areas in which to teach you the various skills you will need to master. Trying out a tricky manoeuvre on a busy road can shatter confidence.

On the other hand, to truly learn and make sure you are ready for real world situations, more testing areas may be called for.

At Wimbledon Driving School, we know your local area like the back of our hand, so you can learn and progress in the best possible environment.

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