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Battersea Driving Lessons – Turn By Turn

Battersea Driving Lessons – Turn By Turn

Like most areas of London, Battersea has its own unique selection of challenges and hazards to be aware of when it comes to learning to drive on the busy city streets. Of course, most driving instructors Battersea plays host to will be well-versed in the area and deliver excellent safety standards, but it is nonetheless important to understand a few of the key locations in terms of what to be on the lookout for.

With a little forward insight and a proactive attitude, Battersea driving lessons can become an absolute joy and see you passing your test first time around.

For example, one of the most important things to be aware of in and around Battersea is the growing number of bus and taxi lanes. Authorities have become stricter than ever before when it comes to penalising drivers veering into bus lanes even by accident, so never take for granted what appears to be an open lane.

The roads around Battersea Park are inherently crammed with families when the weather take a positive turn, which can mean the presence of young children, dogs, footballs and various other hazards that can fly into the road without warning – always proceed with care around the park.

Congestion is likely to increase many times over should your Battersea driving lessons take you more toward Vauxhall and beyond, so be ready to take a deep breath and prepare for some busy junctions this side of town.

And of course, the bridges to and from Chelsea can become all-but gridlocked during rush hour, so once again be ready for this if instructed to merge with such traffic – chances are you won’t have to though.

Last but not least, be on the lookout for some of London’s most delightfully complicated one way system and never, ever be afraid to ask your instructor if you’re not sure about a one way street or a no-entry zone – it’s better NOT to learn the hard way!

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