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Brian Eubanks

Brian Eubanks

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Wimbledon Driving School are skilled at helping foreign drivers acclimatise to driving in the UK and getting their UK licenses. There are some differences between other road systems and the road network in the UK which need to be addressed if foreign license holders are going to be successful on their test. WDS helped Brian Eubanks who is originally from the USA to get his license and the differences between the UK and American style of driving meant that Brian was really happy for some practical assistance in the lead up to his test. The main difference is of course the side of the road you drive on but some other differences were significant as well. Brian will concede that the US road system in being far newer and largely based on a grid system is designed to be easier to drive on and because the roads are much wider you do not get so many situations when you have to meet other cars as you drive along. Also there are far less roundabouts than in the UK.  Brian was extremely happy to get some practice with these things and had nothing but praise for the patient professionalism of  his instructor Tariq and said:

“So I just passed my driving test. I got a pass and I am very happy. I trained with Wimbledon Driving School and they have got great instructors. Tariq was a really good instructor in helping me to learn to drive and prepare for my test. So I am very happy, so go check out Wimbledon Driving School!”