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Learn To Drive In An Automatic Car

Taking driving lessons in a manual car does not suit everyone. It can be difficult to master the clutch and the gear transmissions, and this can result in a lot of stalling. All that concentration on the gears and clutch can make the learner driver tense and anxious, and this doesn’t help at all with […]

What is a Standards Check Test?

A Standards Check Test ensures Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) are still on top form to do the job they’re trained for. It’s mandatory to take the test at least once every four years. You don’t need much to do the test. Just bring along your ADI certificate, a car that is fit for the purpose, and a willing pupil. […]

Guide To The ADI Standards Check

The approved driving instructor ADI Standards Check has been put into place to assess a driving instructor on their ability to teach pupils.