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Driving Lessons

If you’re learning to drive, one available option is to learn in an automatic car rather than one with a manually operated gearbox.Especially for nervous novices, having the gears taken care of can make life much easier, since you will be better placed to focus on all the other aspects of controlling the car and learning to be a safe, confident and competent motorist.

How to save money on with driving lessons with wimbledondrivingschool.comThere are a number of steps you can take to minimise the costs of learning to drive in London, and Wimbledon are here to help you pass at minimum expenditure:1. Take informal lessons with a friend or relative. Taking the initial baby steps; the likes of mastering clutch control and changing gears (in a manual car) can quite easily be done in the presence of a friend or family member in a quiet car park or isolated area, without the need to shell out money with each hour that passes.

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