Learning To Drive With Anxiety

Learning To Drive With Anxiety

You have just taken your driving test and passed with flying colors. You are so excited to start driving by yourself, but then you feel that familiar knot in the pit of your stomach. You remember all those times you were anxious behind the wheel. Driving is not easy for people who suffer from anxiety! […]

Emerging At A T-Junction

Emerging At A T-Junction

As a beginner, learning how to negotiate T-junctions can be a bit of a challenge. Even for many experienced drivers, emerging at a T-junction can be tricky. This is why it is essential to be attentive when learning to do so. Doing that would ensure you get it right first time and ease into it […]

What Lane Should I Be In When Approaching a Roundabout?

What Lane Should I Be In When Approaching a Roundabout?

If you’ve ever encountered a roundabout, you know the familiar panic of worrying which lane you need to be in as you approach your exit. While it doesn’t have to be complicated or daunting, some basic safety rules apply to keep everyone safe.   Research has shown that roundabouts improve traffic flow and that traditional […]

The Importance Of Checking The Oil In Your Car

When learning to drive, it is just as important to know about car maintenance as well as the physical act of being behind the wheel. By doing this, you will not only be taking huge steps towards passing your driving test first time, but will also be ensuring you can look after any future vehicle […]

Which Lane Should You Normally Drive In When Travelling On A Dual Carriageway?

Did you know a dual carriageway simply means a road with two single and completely separated lanes in either direction? That means there are some dual carriageways in the UK that only have one lane. For these, it is obvious which lane you should drive in, but what about dual carriageways with two or more […]

The Best Roads In Surrey To Practise On Before Your Driving Test

Getting ready to sit your driving test means putting in plenty of practice. You’ll want to perfect the manoeuvres and get used to driving in a number of different conditions. However, you’ll find practising easier if you do it in the right place – just remember to stick on your L plates! Here are our […]

Three Tips For A Three-Point Turn

With roads in London often congested, it’s important to know how to do a three-point turn, safely, efficiently and quickly to minimise causing further disruption to other motorists. Here are three tips to remember to perform the perfect three-point turn. One: safety first This one sounds a little obvious, but when you’re turning in the […]

How You Can Fail Your Test By Driving Too Slowly

One of the biggest failings of cautious drivers is that of driving too slowly. In a world where the streets are dotted with speed cameras and policemen crouching behind thickets with speed guns, it is understandable that people think of driving too quickly, not slowly, as the biggest danger on the roads. In fact, driving […]

10 Reasons People Fail Their Driving Test

Despite nerves, there are many common reasons that people fail their driving test. If you’re preparing for a test soon, take note of these simple mistakes. Once you know them, it is easy to avoid them. 1. Use of mirrors Checking your mirrors is vital to being a safe driver. There are two main ways […]

Taxi Drivers Becoming Driving Instructors

Why Becoming A Driving Instructor Has More Benefits Than Being A Taxi Driver For a long time, becoming a taxi driver seemed like the obvious choice of career for someone who was interested in being on the roads for a living, with the job offering flexible hours and the chance to meet people from all […]