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In the UK on average it takes people 47 hours of lessons to pass their driving test, and if you’re not practising outside of your lessons, it will increase dramatically. It means you spend the best part of two days, at least, in a close environment whilst someone is teaching you to drive.Essentially you are learning to drive by trial and error, learning a range of movements and concentration; you focus on driving straight and not crashing whilst subconsciously remembering to change gear, find the biting point and mirror, signal, manoeuvre.Learning to drive can be a long, arduous and costly process and can leave pupils disillusioned over their driving ability. Many people cite monotonous lessons with their instructor seemingly not bothered about putting in for a practical or theory test. This affects the pupil’s nerves, and self-confidence.The thing is learning to drive is not an exact science; people develop at different rates and nerves and self-confidence can play a major role in a pupil’s development. Therefore, you can’t have a standardised driving lesson format because people develop at different speeds.The driving instructor has to be vigilant and quick to assess a pupil’s strengths and weaknesses, and devise their future lessons around their progression. Pigeon holing someone into a preconceived lesson plan will benefit a minority whilst suffocating the majority.

Driving tips to improve your turning Always make turns safely, with confidence and awareness of other road users. If you discover you're turning into the wrong street, don't hesitate or stop mid-turn.Complete the turn and then find a way to reconnect safely with the road you...

There are several ways in which you can ensure that you are going to save some money on getting driving lessons.Practice With Someone You Know Outside Of Your Paid LessonsOne of the best ways to ensure that you are getting the most done for the least possible money is to ensure that you are complementing your paid driving lessons with practice sessions with family or friends.If you have someone who has the legal capacity and the understanding to help you to learn to drive, this can really improve how quickly you will learn and can save you a lot of money as well as giving you some fresh perspective and a more varied experience of driving.

With Christmas approaching fast, it's likely that the usual family discussions of who will visit where and when are already taking place, with all the preliminary family disagreements that go with them.A familiar complaint, especially if you're visiting family by car on Christmas Day from the designated driver is "I always have to drive - I never get to have a drink!".Drink-DrivingAlthough it's a little too late now to give the designated driver some respite this year, it may be worth thinking ahead a little, and making a New Year's resolution now; next Christmas, there will be another driver to share the load.

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