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Great value tuition from grade 6 instructors

To become an excellent driving instructor, you have to learn from an excellent driving instructor. You’ll pick up bad habits if you take tuition from low-grade instructors.


That’s why you need the Wimbledon Driving School. Only instructors with grade 6 make it on to our instructor-training team.

If you’re looking for top-quality instruction, you can’t beat the Wimbledon Driving School. • ORDIT-registered training school (ORDIT is the government’s Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers) • Only grade 6 instructors on the instructor training team

Our senior instructor is one of the most highly qualified instructors in the UK

  • Grade 6 ADI (puts him in the top 6% of UK driving instructors – 2011 government figures)
  • ORDIT registered, parts 1,2 &3
  • Institute of Advanced Motorists F1RST – the IAM’s top qualification to reward elite drivers on their advanced driver register
  • DIPDE Diploma in Driver Education
  • BTEC Level 3, Advance coaching for driver education
  • Driving Instructors Association DIAmond Special Test – the nearest thing to a black belt in driving: no more than two faults allowed during a 90-minute drive involving all road categories and manoeuvres
  • RoSPA Gold Driving Award – the highest civilian driving standard: awarded to drivers who have the potential to do well on a police advanced course
  • Degree in business studies followed by many years’ experience running a successful driving school – has the skills to help you with the practical issues of starting out as a self-employed driving instructor

Always ask to see your trainer’s qualifications

Our credentials mark us out from other training schools in South London. In fact we’re so proud of our skills and qualifications, we’re happy to let you spend an hour in the car for free with your future instructor.


You’ll get much more than a chance to check their qualifications, you’ll know exactly how easy they are to work with. While you’re checking us out, we’ll check you out too. We’ll assess your aptitude for the role of driving instructor.


By the end of that hour you’ll know whether you have what it takes to be an instructor – and you’ll know whether your trainer has what it takes to help you succeed. To get the high-grade instructor tuition you deserve, call the Wimbledon Driving School today on 020 3524 7968.

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