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Driving instructor: The Perfect Career For Mums

Be A Mum & A Driving Instructor

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We’re looking for people to become driving instructors in London

Driving Instructor Jobs Available

  • If you’re a mother, you may be considering a new career that will allow you to work flexible hours around school and term times.
  • If you’re currently a stay at home mum, the prospect of going back to work can be daunting, as you start to weigh it up against childcare costs and balancing your home life.
  • Thankfully, there is a worthy, rewarding and enjoyable career option out there that enables you to increase your income whilst being your own boss and working hours suitable to you.

Become A Driving Instructor In London Today

Train to be a driving instructor with Wimbledon Driving School and prepare yourself for a career on the road.


Taking your first steps to becoming a fully qualified driving instructor is easier than you may think with Wimbledon Driving School.


When you first make an enquiry, we’ll give you a free aptitude test so that you can see whether driving instructing is truly something you want to pursue.


The test is quick and simple and also allows us to make sure that we’re only enrolling people who are serious about this career path so we can give them our full attention and guidance. Make an enquiry today to get started.

If you would like to become a driving instructor, call us today on 0203 524 7968

Once you’re enrolled, we’ll give you our full support and welcome you into the team of the very best driving instructors. You’ll receive full, personal training from our highly qualified team and certainly won’t just be an employee number.


You’ll even be able to fit your tuition around your existing schedule. If you want to work all day, every day, you can. If you prefer to devote more time to your family or your hobbies, you can do that too.


Once you are qualified, you’ll be able to work flexible hours that suit you, with a potential earnings can be as high as £800 per week, so for 48 weeks that gives £38,400.


If you decide that it’s not for you though, no problem at all!


At Wimbledon Driving School, you don’t need to worry as you won’t be tied into any long term contract.


A successful driving instructor can earn as much as £800 a week. The great news is that you’re doing it whilst giving people fantastic life skills and increasing their independence. With every little step your students take, you’ll feel an incredible amount of pride and job satisfaction.


So enquire about our driving instructor courses today to see how a career on the road can fit perfectly into your family lifestyle.


Call Wimbledon Driving School on 020 3524 7968 to find out more.

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