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Driving instructor in Putney Helps Mark Bishop get his license

Driving instructor in Putney Helps Mark Bishop get his license

Mark Bishop

Mark Bishop and his driving instructor in Putney called Szabi worked together as a team. What this meant in reality was that Mark had as much input into his lessons as Szabi did. A good driving instructor does not make all the decisions but lets his pupils breathe and make their own decisions and therefore gain some “ownership” of the learning process. This is what Szabi did when he met up with Mark. He consulted with Mark on what it was that Mark wanted or needed to learn and thus they developed an approach which was learning by consent. Mark felt far more involved in the whole process and therefore was more engaged and motivated throughout his lessons to acquire the skills Szabi was trying to impart. The effects of this consultative approach was a pass within five months despite Mark having a very busy schedule and Mark himself was thrilled and said this about the experience:

“I was really well taught by my instructor Szabi, who was clear, patient and logical throughout my learning. He was also very accommodating in arranging lessons around my busy schedule, which enabled me to pass first time after only 5 months of lessons.”

If you too are looking for a good driving instructor in Putney who will draw you into the learning process and involve you in the decisions about the future direction of what are in effect your own lessons please ring the number on the website and ask for Szabi.