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Wimbledon Driving School instructors come with a plan

Wimbledon Driving School instructors come with a plan

Wimbledon Driving School know that to get the best results requires some planning and organisation.

One of the best ways to do this is to use Question and Answer technique to establish a baseline and then to build and develop from that point. Doing this means that we are not starting at too basic a level or wasting peoples time or money.

Once we have a starting point we can work to a framework. The best framework to use is the DVSA’s driving syllabus. Since the DVSA are the people who are conducting the exams and tests it pays to follow their framework. Wimbledon Driving School use a Driver Record with all of the main areas DVSA examiners expect to see competency in having their own sections.

This approach records an assessment of a driver at different stages of the learning process according to the level of instruction given. The very basic level is guided instruction (that is telling someone in steps exactly what to do) all the way along a spectrum up to independence. The idea is to gradually transfer more and more responsibility for the driving of the car to the learner from their Wimbledon Driving School instructor.

By following a strategic approach such as this our instructors are able to deliver the right kind of results for our clients. For instance Tom Pugh from Balham was taught using this kind of methodology and he was able to clear his exam at the Morden Test Centre under the tutelage of our very own Tony Ramsey.

Our many success stories bear out the fact that not only does this approach work but the results produced outperform the results of other schools not using a planned approach.