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Farrakh Tanveer

Farrakh Tanveer

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Wimbledon Driving School helped Farrakh Tanveer from Mitcham realise his dream and get his car license. Farrakh passed at his local test centre in Mitcham on Wednesday 2nd October having learned with WDS instructor Abdifataf Ali. He was very impressed with the assistance and help his instructor was able to give him over the duration of the course and left some feedback for other people thinking of hiring his instructor for their lessons:

“Hello guys it is the second of October 2013. My name is Farrakh Tanveer and I live in Mitcham. Today I passed my driving test from Mitcham Test Centre and in getting my test passed Wimbledon Driving School and Abdi really helped me a lot. Abdi is a very professional driver, he helps me a lot and finally I passed my driving test today from the Mitcham Test Centre. Anyone who is looking to get help about the driving get in contact with the Wimbledon Driving School and especially with Abdi. He is one of the best tutors. Thank you very much.”