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Hartley Wilkinson

Hartley Wilkinson

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Experienced Wimbledon Driving School instructors are well-versed in what it takes to get the right result.

Our team of instructors have amongst them some of the most experienced teachers in South London who have been there and done it and can use the skills they have picked up along the way to make getting a driving license easier than it might be otherwise.

Hartley Wilkinson from Streatham passed his driving test at the Morden Test Centre on Thursday 17th October having taken his lessons with Frank Inkin, an instructor with more than thirty years of time spent in the job. Frank is able to focus his seasoned skills to improve his pupils in several different ways.

Firstly on a technical level: thirty years of driving tests and interaction with examiners has taught Frank exactly what it is that the examiners are looking for.

Secondly thirty years in the business means Frank has developed a sixth sense about when a pupil will commit faults and so he is able to fast-track their development through correcting the mistakes early and not allowing these faults to develop into bad habits.

Finally an understanding of how to get the best out of pupils is another aspect that an instructor becomes better at with years in the job. Frank knows the correct level of instruction to achieve optimal learning.  As people get more confident he will let them make more decisions and drive more independently so they are thinking for themselves.

At the other end of the spectrum he will give very accurate and concise guided instruction to those who are less confident and who benefit from getting that bit extra help.