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Jillian Convey

Jillian Convey

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There is a wide selection of driving schools in Clapham. When making a decision about the correct school and instructor what would be the main factor to look at?

1. The instructors car might be important. If you are very tall or have any special requirements the model of car grows in significance. For most people any small modern hatchback is going to work fine.

2. The instructors grading. All instructors are graded by the DSA from one to six with six being the highest. Although a high grading indicates the quality of instruction the instructor can deliver in terms of fault identification, analysis and appropriate remedial action and so should not be dismissed it says nothing about the professionalism of the instructor or whether they are capable of creating a calm environment in the car. Therefore other factors may be important too.

3. The instructors pass rate. Again this might not be as important as at first glance. Most instructors do not keep records of tests taken and results achieved on test. So most instructors estimate their pass rate. So if they feel they get more people through than are failing many instructors will say they have a pass rate of 80%. The national pass rate is slightly more than half that figure so an instructor would be going great guns to achieve a 80% pass rate.  For one outstanding instructor that is achievable. If however you see 80 or 90% pass rates for schools purporting to have twenty or thirty instructors working together you would probably need to be slightly dubious of such claims.

4. This is the point we feel that is most important. A good pedigree and good reviews,  testimonials and word of mouth. Again because your friend learned very well with a particular instructor it does not mean you are going to; but as a factor in instructor selection it is probably the most important. Instructors who you are constantly hearing good things about must be doing a good job for someone.

If you bear these criteria in mind when choosing an instructor or school you too can reach the holy grail of a driving test pass like Jillian Convey from Clapham who passed with only three minor faults at Morden Driving Test Centre on Wednesday 18th September. Her instructor was Szabolcs Peimli a local Clapham based instructor working with Wimbledon Driving School.