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Jonathan Firpo

Jonathan Firpo

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Out of all the driving schools in Wandsworth that offer their services in the area we believe our local instructors offer the best value. This is not just because of their great qualifications and experience (some of our instructors are amongst the most qualified and experienced in the SW London area) but because they are local too. This means we can be productive from the first minute you step into the car. We use your local area as our classroom to teach you the driving syllabus and do not need to drive you miles from your house in order to help you acquire the skills needed to get a driving test pass. This system means we consistently can deliver what people are after: their driving license. Jonathan Firpo felt the benefit of this approach and passed at Morden Test Centre on Wednesday 11th September and had this to say:

“I am a very happy man. I passed. I got two minors quite happy with that. Could have done better I guess. But anyway I would like to thank Ali for improving me because this is my second time. So yeah very happy.” With every new pass we are happy too Jonathan. Safe driving for life.