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Fed up with the nine-to-five? Looking for a career that puts you in control?
Sounds like it’s time to train for something that makes better use of your skills – your practicality, your calmness, and your ability to get the best out of others.

Become A Driving Instructor In London Today

No experience needed


Anyone can become a driving instructor. If you’re over 21, haven’t been disqualified from driving, and have no criminal convictions, you could well start training right away.

However, it does take a certain type of person to be a successful driving instructor. You need to be a good, calm, and careful driver, and you need to be naturally empathetic. It’s a driving instructor’s job to bring out the best in their pupils.


You need to be sensitive to their moods, their feelings, and their level of competence. You have to spot when they’re nervous or stressed, and when they’re ready to move on to the next challenge. You’re the person who boosts their self-confidence when they’re down, and reins them in when they’re sounding over-confident.


That’s what makes being a driving instructor so satisfying. We wouldn’t swap it for any other career.


Being out on the road with so many fantastic people beats a desk job every time.

If you would like to become a driving instructor, call us today on 0203 524 7968

Earn up to £38,400 a year


Everyone loves a good driving instructor. Pupils value their instructor’s knowledge, helpfulness, reassurance, and ability to build confidence and trust. Word travels fast, which is why good instructors rarely have to advertise for pupils.


A full appointment book comes by word of mouth.

A successful driving instructor can earn as much as £500 a week. Better still, they can choose their hours. If you want to work all day, every day, you can. If you prefer to devote more time to your family or your hobbies, you can do that too. As a driving instructor, you are your own boss.


Guaranteed franchise offer when you qualify

We value the skills of the instructors that we train. That’s why we give every successful instructor who passes through our training scheme the chance to take up a franchise with us.


You don’t have to work with us. You might prefer to set up your own business or work with another school. But if you do like the way we work, you have a guaranteed franchise offer that you can take up at any time within three months of passing Part 3 and becoming an approved driving instructor.


Want to become a driving instructor?


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