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Driving lessons for complete beginners
of any age

When you pass your driving test, your world opens up. You can drive wherever you want: to Brixton for the evening or to the south coast for the weekend.


But how do you reach that stage of self-confident freedom? Is there an easy way to master parallel parking, emergency stops, three-point turns, and respect for other road users (even when they’re in the wrong)?

Choose a driving school that’s in tune with you
as well as the road


If we knew an easy route to passing your driving test, we’d be millionaires. But we don’t, and we’re not.


But that doesn’t mean we can’t make your driving lessons easier and more enjoyable. We can improve the learning process simply by being more attuned to your needs and more committed to your success.

Our instructors are calm, reassuring, and endlessly patient. They know how to get the best out of eager, just-passed-my-birthday 17-year-olds and wary, I’ve-been-putting-this-off-for-years seniors. Everyone who comes to the Wimbledon Driving School feels at home from the moment they get behind the wheel.

You and your instructor are a team


If we can get the mood right for you, your skills and confidence levels soon grow. We take your tuition at a pace that suits you: if you want to repeat things more often, we give you time to feel comfortable; if your road sense is developing fast, we give you a chance to prove yourself.

By working with you as an individual, we lay the groundwork for a successful test pass – and for that life of freedom that lies ahead.


No two beginners are alike


At the Wimbledon Driving School, every beginner is different. Some are eager for the challenge; others want to take things one step at a time. Whatever your background, call us now on 0800 511 8800 to get in touch with a driving instructor who wants to see you succeed.

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