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A Recent Review About Our Driving Instructor Bobby

A Recent Review About Our Driving Instructor Bobby

I would like to thank you and Wimbledon Driving school for playing a significant role in helping me pass my Driving test.

Bobby was instantly recommended to me as soon as I got in contact with Wimbledon Driving School. Confidence was at a low point on the back failing my first test, thanks to poor tuition and picking up bad habits from my previous instructor.

On my first lesson with Bobby, I could sense the quality straight away, and noticed a significant difference in the way he went about his tuition in comparison to my previous instructor. He instantly picked up my bad driving habits and  knew straight away that their was no way I was going to be ready for my original test date on the 24th September.  I trusted Bobby from the get go and agreed to forward my test to the 20th october, which would have only given us a month’s preparation at the time.

Bobby was very flexible when it came to scheduling driving lessons, he was always punctual, and whenever I needed to cancel a lesson, or reschedule he was always willing to comply with my needs.

From the get go I could sense Bobby’s teaching was having a positive effect on my driving, his precise attention to detail, patience, and urge to cut out my mistakes was having a positive impact on my driving, I could sense my driving skills and confidence was on the rise lesson by lesson. Sometimes Bobby was very strict in how he went about his business, it helped as the standards of the practical driving test are very high, and it helped me maintain a high standard of driving.

However My bad habits were still quite serve,  I was not making enough progress to be ready in time for my next test, Bobby picked up on this and advised me too forward  my test by another few weeks. I agreed as I knew myself I wasn’t 100 % ready, this gave use roughly 3 extra weeks.

For the next 3 weeks, the combination of Bobby’s fantastic tuition and my urge to maintain a high level of driving, Bobby’s work was finally complete on the 10th November in barley 2 months, as I successfully passed my test thanks to Bobby with only 6 minor faults.

I would recommend him as an efficient driving instructor to anyone seeking a excellent, committed instructor who’s keen on passing their test first time!!!! Thanks again Bobby