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Saeed Panteha

Saeed Panteha

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Saeed Panteha passed her driving test at the Morden Driving Test Centre on Monday 14th October with only one minor fault. Saeed did so well because of her own natural talent and enthusiasm but also because of the careful planned approach her instructor Mr Vasanth took to teaching her.

He was supportive and very patient helping Saeed to develop her skills within a teaching  framework of  best practices so on the occasions that she strayed from the agreed guidelines she was able to self analyse and self remedy the faults with minimal input from Mr Vasanth.

As well as fostering a relaxed and productive learning environment Mr Vasanth was able to leverage his vast experience of hundreds of successful test passes to communicate the format and criteria against which Saeed would be judged by her examiner. This meant that Saeed as well as having a good knowledge of driving was also aware, for example, that at the beginning of the test her eyesight and license would be checked before she would be asked to read a number plate from 20.5 metres and only then the full driving exam would begin. On this test she would be pulled over several times to see that she could select a safe, legal and convenient place to stop and the full range of junctions would be assessed en route. Saeed was also aware of the need to be proficient in manoeuvres  and knew that for a period of the test she would need to drive independently without instruction from her examiner. Mr Vasanth also showed her the places along the Morden Test Route where candidates frequently make mistakes such as Canterbury Road. All of this detailed preparation culminated in a very successful outcome which both Saeed and Mr Vasanth can be rightly proud.