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Few experiences in life can match learning to drive in terms of excitement and importance and as life skills go, driving is considered by many to be one of the most vital.  Ensuring you learn to drive in a way that develops you into a safe and confident motorist is crucial if the learning experience is to be effective.


Wimbledon Driving School is the leading driving school in South London, a position we have achieved by delivering the highest quality instruction at reasonable rates and in a way that is tailor made to suit individual learners and their different requirements.


Looking for Driving Lessons in Sheen and East Sheen?

At Wimbledon Driving School we believe that all our learners are individuals with differing priorities, approaches and needs.  From the 17 year old who cannot wait to get on the road to the experienced foreign driver who simply needs to attain a UK licence, we cater for all levels and types of driver by offering flexible learning plans.


We understand that budget is an important concern for all clients and offer superb value for money and highly effective lessons that maximise the impact of the tuition and minimise the time and expense needed to pass your test.  Regardless of whether you wish to learn to drive on a fast, intensive course or more slowly over several months, Wimbledon Driving School has a solution to suit you.


Our unrivalled flexibility and our highly qualified, friendly instructors are the reasons why thousands of learners in South London choose Wimbledon Driving School as their expert driving tuition provider each year.

Looking for Driving Lessons in Sheen?

Learn from local Instructors

Wimbledon Driving School understands the value of local instructors who know the practice area and can safely provide you with practical, live experience of all the skills you will need to master to pass your test.  We know that you will want to get the most out of every minute of your lessons, and selecting an instructor who can pre-plan lessons so you are always in the right place at the right time to learn a new manoeuvre ensures you can achieve this.

When you begin lessons, a safe, quiet road is essential to build confidence whilst getting to grips with the controls and taking the first steps of starting off and stopping.  Wimbledon Driving School instructors select Fife Road for this purpose as it fits the bill exactly.


To build our learners skills in steering, turning left and right and negotiating junctions, our instructors at Wimbledon Driving School use a pre-determined circuit which provides exposure to all the elements you need to overcome to learn these techniques.  Our circuit begins on Fife Road and then provides the learner with the opportunity to practice two consecutive right hand turns, firstly into Sheen Road and then again into Christchurch Lane.  From there we take a left turn into Clare Lawn Avenue, followed by another into Sheen Lane and then a final right turn to take us back onto Fife Road.  This specifically designed route gives learners the chance to master turning along with steering, ‘peep and creep’ techniques and MSPSL – all essential abilities for passing your test.


Learning to safely navigate crossroads is an essential part of learning to drive and our instructors make excellent use of the examples at Clare Lawn Avenue and Parkgate gardens, allowing learners to fully understand how rights of way apply, along with practical application of the observational skills required.  As you advance, we use the crossroads of Sheen Lane and Upper Richmond Road West to give you experience of turning right-to-right at a crossroads – another invaluable lesson that will help you ensure you pass your test quickly and confidently.  Upper Richmond Road West comes into its own when we teach our students about the different types of pedestrian crossings and road markings as it contains a good selection of these, letting our students experience them in a safe and controlled environment.


For more advanced skills such as reversing around corners and parallel parking Wimbledon Driving School instructors recommend Parkgate Gardens which provides a great environment to practice these manoeuvres, whilst Fife Road offers the perfect place to practice the ‘turn in the road’ technique.


Meeting traffic is an area of learning to drive that many people feel uncertain about – and it can be easy to understand why that is.  When two cars meet and there is only space for one, who has right of way is not always clearly defined.  In these situations the key is to be able to ascertain the intentions of your fellow drivers through examining and interpreting their body language.  This is a skill that needs to be taught in real life, practical situations and not in a classroom.  Wimbledon Driving School instructors use Christchurch Road as it has cars on both sides of the roads and gives a great example of a situation where no clear priority exists.


Local knowledge such as this gives Wimbledon Driving School instructors a real edge when it comes to delivering effective, high impact lessons and you can be sure you are gaining invaluable experience at reasonable rates.

Learn from local Sheen Instructors

Learning to drive is a major skill and one which (without the proper guidance) can present all kinds of complications.


What you learn will remain with you for life.  Because of this it is essential to ensure that you are taught by an expert and select the best possible instructor that you can find, ensuring you become a safe and confident motorist.


We recommend that you check the qualifications of the instructors of any driving school you are considering and factor this into your choice. The Senior instructor at Wimbledon Driving School is a Grade 6 (highest DSA teaching grade) and has demonstrated the highest standards of driving. He is on the Institute of Advanced Motorists F1RST register, which means he has passed the institutes advanced test with the highest grades.


He has also passed a ROSPA driving test to the gold standard. Again this is regarded as the highest standard of civilian driving in the UK. He has also passed a DIAmond Special test.

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