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Standards Check Coaching

Driving Instructor Training

Your ADI Standards Check doesn’t have to be the nightmare you fear. With a few hours’ brush-up tuition beforehand, you can get the grade you deserve.


Qualified instructors come to us for pre Standards-Check tuition for various reasons:


▪ It’s their first Standards Check since they qualified; they’re not sure what to expect.

▪ They’ve taken time out from being a driving instructor but don’t want to lose their ADI qualification.

▪ Their grades don’t do justice to their skills; this time they want to prove what they can do.

Talk to the Standards-Check experts

Here at the Wimbledon Driving School, the team that teaches instructors have all achieved one of the top two grades at their most recent Standards Check. Our senior instructor has gone further: he’s passed the Driving Instructors Association DIAmond Special Test, the Institute of Advanced Motorists F1RST, and the RoSPA Gold Driving Award.


We know exactly what the examiners are looking for, and we can help you put on your best show.


Since the amount of help you need depends on your experience and circumstances, there’s no one-size-fits-all programme for Standards-Check tuition.


The best thing is to give us a call on 0800 511 8800 to talk through where you are now and where you’d like to be after your next Standards Check. We’ll build a programme that fits your needs.

Become A Driving Instructor In London Today

The sooner you get in touch, the better. Don’t leave Standards-Check tuition to the last minute. If there’s something about your technique that needs correcting, you may well need several sessions to get it just right.


Once we’ve identified the areas that need improvement, we’ll help you fine-tune your technique in simulated Standards-Check conditions.


We can provide you with in-car role-play exercises that match the topics on the DSA check list or we can guide you through some real-life teaching exercises. For the real-life exercises, we’ll put you in the car with a genuine learner or a qualified driver who needs a bit of extra tuition.


As the lesson progresses, we’ll coach your techniques up to Standards-Check standard.


Prepare yourself for your best Standards Check yet. Call us on 0800 511 8800 to get the grades you deserve.

If you would like to become a driving instructor, call us today on 0203 524 7968

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