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Signalling At Roundabouts

How To Signal At Roundabouts

A roundabout is a confusing place, especially for learner drivers who are just getting to grips with the roads. There is a lot of traffic and mixed intentions from other drivers, there are also several rules to follow and best practices to keep in mind to safely negotiate one. Luckily, there are some trustworthy conventions […]

Reading The Road For “Hidden” Dangers

As any experienced driver will tell you, it’s often possible to predict when something is going to happen that could cause a road traffic accident. It’s nothing to do with being some kind of superhero who can predict the immediate future. It’s about anticipating what might happen by tuning into the available information and being ready to react in an appropriate way.

Anyone can read the road for “hidden” dangers.

How To Reverse Around Corners Like A Pro

How To Reverse Around Corners Like A Pro

Reversing around a corner is one of the more difficult driving techniques and a task that is often requested as part of the driving test. There are a few stages to the process and as long as each part is executed correctly the overall task can be accomplished with expert precision. The Approach Phase To […]