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We have driving instructors in Teddington that can help you learn to drive in either an automatic or manual car.

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  • Better qualified – senior driving instructor has advanced qualifications with Institute of Advanced Motorists, RoSPA, and Driving Instructors Association
  • Friendly, local driving school on your doorstep in Teddington

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Get in the Driving Seat with us

Learning to drive is a breeze with Wimbledon Driving School. If you live in Teddington and want to learn to drive, you have selected one of South West London’s premier driving schools.


Our team of skilled and qualified driving instructors will teach you in a calm and friendly manner, ensuring you learn at your own pace. We help you to increase your driving confidence which positions you strongly for driving test success.


If you want to rip up those ‘L’ plates, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re learning to drive in Teddington, Wimbledon Driving School will accelerate your chances of success.

Looking for Driving Lessons in Teddington?

Absolute Beginners

Whether you’re seventeen or seventy, being behind the wheel of a car can be daunting.


Some of our learners are teenagers, eager to grab the freedom of the open road. Others are ‘nervous’ drivers who have failed a test or two and have lost their confidence. Whatever category you fall into, we will find an instructor that’s right for you.


Increase your confidence

All of our ‘learner’ vehicles have dual controls, giving you total confidence while you are learning.


Your instructor will ensure you learn on a variety of roads and highways, getting you ready for the test route. Don’t worry, they’ve seen it all before, so you won’t be the first to make a mistake.


They’re trained to keep you calm and in control of the vehicle at all times. Before you know it, you’ll feel like the professional!


Sail through the test

We pride ourselves on helping you to pass your test as quickly as possible, by ensuring that you’re adept and confident on all road conditions in all weathers.


Passing your test is great but we believe it’s just the start of a long and safe driving career.

Learn from local Teddington Instructors


Learning to drive can be expensive, so to help you along, we are offering a £10 trial lesson (T&C apply). This way you get a low-cost lesson with a qualified instructor, to see if they are the right instructor for you.


You can also pay for your lessons ‘pay-as-you-go’, which takes the pressure off buying a block of lessons.


Priceless we say.


Local driving lessons on your doorstep in South West London

If you live in Teddington and are looking for driving lessons that will equip you for the driving test and for a lifetime of safe driving, contact Wimbledon Driving School and let us accelerate your driving success.

We’ve got driving instructors in Teddington

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