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Wimbledon Driving School reviews by Jess Tierney

Wimbledon Driving School reviews by Jess Tierney

Wimbledon Driving School reviews mean everything to us but they are also a lot to live up to. Our instructors do their best to live up to their reputation as the best around. They understand that the schools reputation due to past Wimbledon Driving School reviews is an envious one and something we wish to maintain for every one of our clients. The instructors work tirelessly to deliver the best service but we understand that talk is cheap and that it is on results that we are ultimately judged. Jess Tierney could not believe her good fortune to get her hands on her full license, but it was no less than her efforts deserved. Her and her instructor Mr Abdi worked as hard as anybody could work to ensure that repeated trips to the local test centre were not necessary and Jess felt great when the examiner said to her “I am pleased to say you have passed.” She was very happy and although very proud of what had been a great effort and a monumental day for her she wished to underline the efforts of our diligent instructors. She said the following about her experience:

“Hi I am Jess,  I live in Southfields and this afternoon I did my practical driving test at Mitcham Test Centre. I passed with only five minors. I can’t believe I have passed! I am so happy! I just want to thank Wimbledon Driving School and Abdi for all their help.”

So if you want to join the growing list of people passing their test and leaving Wimbledon Driving School reviews please call the number on the website and we will see if we can make your experience as productive as Jess’ was.