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Xue Mengying

Xue Mengying

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Having a good driving instructor in Surbiton can be decisive when it comes to achieving a first time pass. Xue Mengying (Susan) can see the value of this having passed first time at her local test centre in Tolworth on Wednesday 18th September. She was very pleased with her instructor Mr Vasanth and made special mention of his calm temperament and his time management skills. She had the following to say:

“My name is Susan and I live in Surbiton. Today I passed the driving test and I think I had a good time learning this; learning how to drive. My instructor is very patient and I think that is a very good thing. He is always on time and sometimes he is quite early as well and sometimes we even finish later than the lesson should have lasted. It is my first time taking the test and I passed and I think that is a good thing.”