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Driving in built up, urban areas can be tricky to master, especially if you’re not used to taking to the streets in towns and cities. If you’re looking to gain confidence with your driving in these areas, read on to discover our nine top tips…1. OvertakingCity...

Five top tips to driving in Streatham

Even with the tube, a great bus network, and all those Boris bikes, sometimes you’d rather just get in your car and drive through Streatham. Or sometimes you might need to get somewhere which means using every single form of transport available for a journey which would only take 10-minutes by car.Driving is just so much more enjoyable than public transport.

Driving in London

For many people, the idea of trying to navigate London by car is the ultimate nightmare: pedestrians wondering into the streets, car horns blaring and buses pulling out unexpectedly. But the reality is quite different, and while London can be scary to drive in, follow our top four tips and you’ll be navigating the city in confidence.

Each year, 3500 people are killed on the UK's roads. New drivers are involved in up to 1 in 7 vehicle accidents causing injury or fatalities. For this reason, the Government introduced the Hazard Perception Test as part of the UK driving test in the belief that it would help to reduce the amount of road deaths and injuries occurring each year.Here we look at 3 reasons why the Hazard Perception Test is such an important consideration for learner drivers.