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by Tasawar Javed on Wimbledon Driving School

I have just started my driving lessons with Cameron Kane and feel very happy and confident after a few short weeks. I'm going on the main road and doing more driving. Cameron is very calm.and understanding and takes his time to explain every thing. His car the new golf sport is so easy and enjoyable to drive. Would highly recommend him and he is a top grade trainer as well. Looking forward to my test in the next month. 👍

by Helen Stevenson on Wimbledon Driving School

Cameron has been a fantastic instructor so far. After having a difficult time trying to find a instructor I feel comfortable with, I now feel Cameron is one who will see me pass my test. He has a brilliant way of teaching; easy to understand and has the ability to make you feel at ease behind the wheel. I highly recommend Cameron to anyone. I can finnaly learn with ease and look forward to passing my driving test. I actually look forward to my next lesson which is something I've never experienced before. Thank you Cameron.

by Virginia Frej on Wimbledon Driving School

I had such a great experience and passed on my first attempt a few weeks ago. Could not thank my amazing instructor Azim Ismail enough!! Azim is calm, knowledgeable and very easy to get along with. Azim thought me to drive from scratch and really helped build my confidence on the road. He teaches great reference points, goes through all the test routes and much more, and his car is very easy to drive. I am about to book my pass plus with him now!

by Gemma Keyes on Wimbledon Driving School
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I recently started driving lessons after a 15 year break and I would highly recommend my instructor, Cameron Kane. After only two lessons, I am much further along than I expected. Cameron instills confidence and is a patient and calm instructor. The car (golf) is lovely to drive and easy to get used to. I can’t wait for my next lesson!

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I had the most wonderful driving instructor from WDS, Brian Thomas. I learnt so much throughout the time I was his student. He’s very patient , easy to talk too and a great teacher! He allows you take control of your learning through reflection and setting goals. I passed my driving test today first time and couldn’t be happier! I thoroughly recommend calling up WDS and asking for lessons with Brian Thomas if wanting to pass your test first time on automatic transmission!

by kimberley ferguson on Wimbledon Driving School
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I would highly recommend this driving school and my instructor Bashir. They are a very friendly team who were able to arrange my lessons to start immediately with a fantastic instructor. Bashir is very friendly and professional. He quickly calmed my nerves about returning to driving. My confidence and skills have developed much faster than I thought possible and I have enjoyed every lesson. Bashir has shown me how to adapt my driving to any car with a few reference points so I am really looking forward to putting my new driving skills into action.

by Chanelle Payne on Wimbledon Driving School
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I highly recommend Kingsley. He was honestly so patient and encouraging! After failing 3 times with another instructor Kingsley really took time to focus on the areas where I was lacking confidence or skill. After only 6 lessons with him I was able to pass with only 2 minor faults. I am extremely grateful!!!

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Passed my driving test this morning with only four minors. A big thank you to my incredible instructor ABIDA PARVEEN. After learning on and off and changing several instructors, Abida was incredibly professional and thorough in her teaching method. I had 20 hours with Abida, she also covered the test routes from every angle and situation which made me feel confident to tackle any situation. I could not recommend her enough. ◦

by nickolay tankishev on Wimbledon Driving School

Good teaching in general, tips to help me as a beginner, friendly, reliable and clear explanations by my instructor Hasan Shakir.

by Fatima Hussein on Wimbledon Driving School
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I’ve just passed my driving test today , I signed up with Wimbledon Driving School with Farooq as my driving instructor. I know that I couldn’t passed without his patience and perseverance. I highly recommend this driving school - Farooq to anyone learning to drive.

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