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Introduction to British driving for overseas drivers

Driving lessons give non-UK drivers the confidence to tackle south London traffic

British roads take some getting used to. The traffic’s heavy, there are thousands of roundabouts, and we drive on the left. If you’re used to driving in another country, some friendly driving tuition will help you adapt to the rules of the road here in the UK.


How much tuition you need depends on your level of confidence, where you come from, and how long you’ve been in Britain.

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Preparation for a UK driving test for long-stay visitors

Drivers from the European Union and the European Economic Area are fully licensed to drive in the UK.

Drivers from anywhere else will have to exchange their licence for a UK driving licence if they want to drive on British roads for more than 12 months. Many of those non-EU drivers will also have to take a UK driving test – ideally within 12 months of arriving in the UK.


To find out if you have to take a UK driving test, call the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) on 0870 240 0009 several months before your 12-months have elapsed. If you do have to take a test, we can help you prepare for it well in advance of your 12-month deadline.


If you fail to meet the 12-month deadline, you will have to apply for a provisional driving licence, which means you can’t drive unless accompanied by someone else who does hold a full UK driving licence.

Learn with a driving instructor who knows the south London roads

The best way to get used to the roads of south London is to learn with a driving instructor who knows them well. Our instructors are patient and endlessly reassuring; they know how to get the best out of their pupils, wherever they come from.

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