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5 Day Intensive Driving Course

1 Week Intensive Driving Course

Don’t let the thought of spending weeks or months plodding through theory knowledge and lessons before getting your UK license, put you off taking up driving lessons.


Wimbledon driving school offers a 5 day intensive driving course as well as a week intensive driving course so you can get onto the road in the shortest time possible. (subject to driving instructor availability)


Both of our high-intensity courses make full use of any residual learning you’ve held on to from previous lessons taken either in the UK or abroad, which means you could be booking your test in a matter of days instead of months.

Not a one size fits all

The DSA (Driving Standards Agency) have stated it takes the average person 45 hours worth of lessons with a professional instructor, with an additional 22 hours of practicing, before they’re skilled enough to tackle the UK roads on their own.


We won’t try and guess whether all that stands between you and your driving license, is a week intensive driving course, nor will we attempt to shove you onto a one size which doesn’t fit all, 24-hour course like some of our competitors. Instead we offer an initial driving assessment lesson.


You’ll get some valuable wheel time with a qualified and experienced instructor. They’ll be assessing you to see whether the driving skills you already have, make you a suitable student for the week intensive driving course.


If you take to the road like a pro or have a sufficient amount of residual learning from previous lessons, you can enrol on our 5 day intensive driving course, where you can look forward to receiving your license in a fraction of the time.

How it works

Our instructors here at Wimbledon driving school have seen that some students have a tendency to forget what we’ve taught when we only meet for weekly lessons.


We end up spending about 20 minutes at the beginning of each lesson recapping what was already learnt, and getting them back up to the standard we set the previous week.


With both the week long and the 5 day intensive driving course, we scrap any chance of you forgetting what we’ve taught by taking full advantage of high-intense tuition delivered daily.


Recall time is so greatly reduced that the 45 hours of professional teaching you’d usually need, can be achieved in a mere 36.


Get in touch to see if you’d suit one of our intense driving courses. They’re brilliant if you’ve got a job to secure by the end of the month, or perhaps you want to pass your test before your uni, college, or work holiday is up.

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