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A video of a nervous motorist repeatedly failing in a parallel parking manoeuvre has gone viral on the internet - highlighting one of the most common problems faced on the roads. Drivers of all levels of experience can run into trouble when trying to park between two cars, with research suggesting that even those who have held a licence for years can struggle.

If you’ve been learning to drive and have just successfully passed your driving test, you’ll no doubt be looking forward to the freedom and opportunities that having a car can bring you. However, getting on to the open road can be expensive, so if you’re looking for your first car you’ll no doubt want to keep prices as low as possible.These are a few suggestions for cars that are both cool and affordable.

Driving in London can be stressful. Our capital is a minefield of bus lanes, cyclists, one-way systems, unobservant pedestrians, parking difficulties, the congestion charge...the list goes on. While public transport within the city is plentiful and frequent, there are times when you'll either have to or want to drive around London. Follow our top tips to make London driving a breeze...

Driving can be extremely stressful and some people find it more difficult than others. If you are experiencing fear and anxiety when you get behind the wheel you may be tempted to give up driving all together.Thankfully there are ways to overcome this stress so read through these tips and put the fear aside.

When learning to drive, one of the rules of the road you will likely already be aware of is that hard shoulders are for emergency use only.However, under a new scheme, and in a bid to tackle congestion on some the introduction of “managed motorways” will see the hard shoulder used as an extra driving lane on sections of the M62, M4, M5, M6 and M25.