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Driver Stopped By Police While Using FaceTime

Dangerous Things People Do While Driving Hardly a day goes by without motorists being pulled over by police up and down the country for driving while using a hand held device such as a mobile phone or iPad. On the M25 this week, for instance, a lorry driver was caught having a chat on Skype […]

Learning To Drive On Quiet Roads

Learning to drive is something which almost everyone will attempt at some stage in their lives; and while many people opt to get the ball rolling as soon as they turn 17, it can still be a daunting prospect at any age.

For some it’s the fear of the unknown and the responsibility which comes with driving vehicles, for others it’s the fear of failure – especially if that person is a little older and feels the pressure of needing to hold a license.

DVLA Confirms Abolition of Licence Counterpart in 2015

The Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has confirmed its commitment to abolishing the photo driving licence paper counterpart to the photocard version from January of next year. (Pre-1998 paper licences (i.e. those issued before the photocard was introduced) will not be affected.)

Barely Legal Drivers

With a second series under its belt the BBC show Barely Legal Drivers seems to have peaked enough interest in people to cause some controversy. The show, which airs on BBC Three follows the trials of young motorists learning to drive.

Are CRB Checked Instructors Worth Paying For?

Do you think driving instructors should be CRB Checked? Should driving instructors be CRB checked? Learning to drive is a major milestone in any person’s life, and when choosing the right instructor to teach you recommendations and costing’s are all important things to consider, after all as a learner you’ll spend hours driving around in […]

Inexperience Is A Bigger Threat To Young Drivers Than Drink Or Drugs

Does a lack of experience behind the wheel put drivers at greater risk than drink or drugs? That was question posed by Goodyear Dunlop recently, and the results of the tyre manufacturer’s poll surprised many people. It has long been accepted that drinking alcohol or taking narcotics are the worst things a person can do […]