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David Irwin

David Irwin

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Driving lessons in Morden worked wonders for David Irwin in the lead up to his test. David passed his test at his local test centre in Morden on Friday 20th September. David liked the approach his instructor Jack uses. It is all based upon the premise that many people fail because they think themselves into failing. They do not have the innate self belief required to perform to the best of their ability. Jack’s approach firstly makes sure that the pupil is confident in everything they are doing. He finds pupils (although mainly failing for poor observation at junctions) believe that manoeuvres are the biggest obstacle to passing. So as well as making sure their observation is good he also builds their confidence with areas of competence they see as very important. All of this leads to the pupil going into the test in a positive frame of mind having all the confidence you could wish for and achieving what they need to achieve. State of mind is an important thing. Just ask any of Jack’s pupils.

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