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Fun Driving instructor in Earlsfield helps Mink get her license

Driving instructor in Earlsfields helps Mink get her license

Fun Driving instructor in Earlsfield helps Mink get her license

A fun driving instructor in Earlsfield helped Mink Riet-Muller prepare for and pass her driving exams. Mink chose to learn with Tony Ramsey and found that whilst he had a great eye for detail he was also not critical to the extent of being negative. Tony’s style of instructing is uplifting and fun but he still is able to get across the messages he needs to get across to achieve the highest standards possible. Lessons that are enjoyed rather than endured can have a transformative effect on a pupils driving and Tony understands all of this only too well. So if Mink made a driving fault it would be discussed in a light heated way as a learning point and a positive thing. Only from our mistakes do we improve and learn. To be the best driving instructor in Earlsfield you need to marry the efficiency of competent fault identification, analysis and correction with sympathetic handling of the pupil so they do not feel victimised by any criticisms or observations. This is what Tony has and what so impressed Mink about the lessons she took with Tony. She said the following of Tony’s skill:

“Hi my name is Mink and Tony Ramsey is my teacher and I just passed my test. He is really meticulous in the directions he has given me and just really fun to drive around with actually. Yeah he is definitely one to go with if you are considering taking a driving test.”

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